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Welcome to the blog!

Back to the roots - that's what this feels like and it is calming, freeing and joyful! Many years ago, a long time before Instagram and other social platforms took over, blogging was my way of expressing myself while writing about my everyday life as an amateur show jumper in the equestrian world. I was quite late to the party regarding YouTube, which was THE platform when I started blogging. Over the years the blog became less important, the social channels grew, content was consumed at a higher rate and I ditched my blog. Quite a big deal, as I was a full-time blogger at that time. My so beloved website, that caught the eye of so many people and was the root of my whole work life, went offline. And with that I lost my hobby of writing.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and after becoming a mother, battling the consequences of Covid while being self employed and working for several big companies over the past years it is time to finally pursue my passion again.

But I will not be alone! Since many of you followed me through over a decade of social media, you've seen me develop, have ideas, ditch ideas and tell my story of my horses and my equestrian life. I've seen many things, good and bad, over the past years in the equestrian scene and have decided to dedicate my reach and energy to the positive parts of the equine world and to hopefully make a change. This platform will not only tell my story, but the story of equestrians who put the welfare of horses first: competitive riders, horsemen and stable owners alike.

I myself have not only developed in the equestrian scene, but am also at a point in my life where I have grown up a lot more: I am a mother, I fell in love with gardening and cooking, I am in a completely new era in my work life and we are currently renovating a 100 year old house. all these things combined are going to make this website a hub for country life and style, species-appropriate handling of horses, delving into the unique dynamics of social media and business in the equestrian world, and exploring the richness that life offers in every in-between moment.

I am thrilled to take you on this journey and open up a whole new chapter together with you. Please check out all of the different parts of my website, get to know my YouTube channels and read the articles that have already been published. Feel free to contact me with feedback and ideas and become part of a strong community that helps each other!

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