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Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing - The Aftermath

This year was the first time working in Herning for me and I must say: I am more than impressed! Although being a huge event with a tight schedule, the show was incredibly well organized. Being there on behalf of HorseWorldTV I was not there to watch the competitions, but to work with different riders from around the globe and film content that I planned prior to the event for their platform. It was a full success and I am happy that my job allows me to go to the most amazing places in the equestrian world.


Danish Warmblood in numbers 2024

  • 5 days of stallion licensing, competition classes, show, and fair

  • Three competition/licensing halls (Jyske Bank Boxen, KRAFFT Arena M, Danish Horse Insurance Arena E)

  • 16,200 square meters of riding arenas, nearly 2 hectares, or the same as 3 soccer fields

  • Over 200 stands spread across six halls

  • 900 stallions and sport horses

  • 62.169 visitors

  • 150 accredited press members

  • Over 1300 VIP seats

  • 350 volunteer helpers

  • 4 paramedics, 1 doctor

  • 10 veterinarians and 1 horse ambulance

  • Riders from over 20 nations

My experience in Herning in numbers

  • 60.754 steps, which is round about 41,3 km

  • 6 hot chocolate cups, 1 liter Coke Zero and 5 liters Elderflower Drink (water not counted...)

  • 1 Gala Show (to be fair, only Jesse's and Macho's show, which was INCREDIBLE)

  • 8 delicious meals

  • 14 horizontal and 5 vertical videos filmed

  • 1 gym visit

  • 7 horse noses touched

  • 1 complaint about a rider not riding fair and articulated to the chief steward (of course not one of the riders we filmed with)

  • 6 interesting companies found that would be great to work with in the future

  • 2 times getting water for Macho

  • 4 discussions about the current situation in the sport from different people involved in the show (and they were all really interesting and at eye level)

  • 2 course walks

  • 4 people asked to film with my phone for Instagram Stories while filming with the "big camera" for HWTV

  • 3 ditched ideas

  • 1 time asking a rider for black socks (awkward, but necessary in that moment)

  • 106.341 laughs with the whole HWTV crew

  • 1 elevator (almost) accident, including 1 heroic save by Jesse


Regardless of my job situation next year, I will definitely try to be back in Herning for 2025! There is so much to soak in, to see, to learn. I enjoyed it a lot, loved the people who were organizing the whole show and was amazed by how calm everyone was while there was so much happening at the same time.

Have you ever been to the stallion licensing, fair and show in Herning?

  • Yes!

  • No, not yet!

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