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Civa is something very special to me and our relationship and bond is hard to describe. Until today I am one of the very few people I know of that like to rider her. She is very complex and I would also say that she is not an amateur horse, which makes it always a challenge for me to handle her. Over the years she changed into a calmer, more forgiving version of herself and I am extremely happy to have decided in 2016 that she would be a great addition to the heard. Until today she is probably the horse that makes me smile and cry the most and I am very thankful to be on this emotional rollercoaster with her - even if it is not always easy, I love her to pieces!

Here are 5 facts about Civa:

  1. She's quite unfriendly with other horses and was not very social when I bought her - over the years it chagned and now she loves spending time with my other horses. She despises Caspi, but Lotti, Cosma, Civa and Caesi are "her kind of horses"

  2. She's got quite an overbite, making her a regular patient at the horse dentist. If he/she consults her once every six months she's fine and does not have a problem with it

  3. I believe that she is the reincarnation of a Shetland - the hair, the movement, everything screams pony vibes, just the big body doesn't match the ponies

  4. Many people believe she is a very tall horse, but that is not true. She is in fact my second smallest horse but due to her neckline and her body being quite robust she seams taller than she is

  5. With her I've participated in my first international show jumping shows and we've ticked my favourite show (Burgturnier in Nörten Hardenberg) off my bucket list. Unfortunately the show got cancelled after two years and will probably never take place again, which makes this memory with her even more special to me!

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