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Caesarion came into my life in summer 2012. A friend of mine bought him but I rode him most of the time. i feel in love with him, his character and, to be really honest, also his looks. In January 2014 I bought him, which was and still is very special to me, as he was the first horse that I bought on my own, without any help.

Here are 5 facts about Caesarion:

  1. The only trick he knows is to give kisses - and he's really passionate about giving everyone a kiss who's standing too close to him

  2. He's not very "loyal" - if you have a carrot, you're his best buddy, even if he's seeing you for the first time

  3. In the herd he is often mistaken for a moody mare as he is bossy and hateful as soon as a horse misbehaves - from his point of view

  4. He's one of the most talented jumping horses I have ever seen, but does not have the courage to reliably jump, especially not water jumps, which is why we had a short side trip into the dressage world as I still wanted to compete (only to find out that he hates the white boundaries in dressage even more than water jumps...)

  5. He's the horse I've had the most and the worst falls from, as he can do wild and crazy tricks when you least expect them

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